Tackling Unique Electrical Challenges in Older Auckland Properties

Tackling Unique Electrical Challenges in Older Auckland Properties

Auckland is a gem for historic homes, each with a tale to tell and architectural details not found in modern homes.  But living in these charming old beauties comes with quirks, especially regarding the electrics. 

We’re talking about wiring that’s seen better days and power systems that struggle to keep up with our modern appliances. It’s more than just a flickering light or two – these electrical challenges can be a safety hazard if we don’t sort them out.


Identifying Electrical Challenges in Older Homes

Outdated Wiring Systems

Many of Auckland’s heritage homes resemble vintage cars – brimming with character yet occasionally needing a tune-up. Among these homes, you may encounter wiring relics such as Vulcanised Indian Rubber (VIR) or Tough Rubber Sheath (TRS) cabling. These no longer meet the rigorous demands of today’s safety standards.

Such outdated wiring systems are inefficient and pose significant risks, including electrical fires, electric shocks, and sudden blackouts. Moreover, if your home’s wiring is outdated, don’t be surprised if insurance companies are hesitant to offer coverage.

Addressing these issues is crucial to preserve your home’s charm, safety, and efficiency. Discover more about our residential electrical services at Leck Electrical and learn how we can assist in bringing your home’s wiring up to the modern era, merging heritage charm with contemporary safety.


Electrical Capacity

When these beautiful houses were built, radio was about as high-tech as it got. Fast forward to now, and we’re loading up with gadgets left, right, and centre – think smart TVs, gaming consoles, a multitude of kitchen appliances, multiple rechargers, you name it. Unsurprisingly, the old electrical systems in these homes are having difficulty keeping up. 

Circuit breakers or fuses throw in the towel too often; lights flicker, and other things that come with a house full of modern electronics. It’s a classic case of old meets new; sometimes, they don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Key Electrical Upgrades for Older Properties

Upgrading Wiring

Is your wiring overdue for a much-needed upgrade? Is it struggling to handle the hustle and bustle of today’s tech-heavy lifestyle? Is safety in your home being compromised? Enjoy the peace of mind that new wiring gives you, eliminating many risks that come with old electrics and ensuring the demands of a modern lifestyle are met. 

Adding Outlets and Circuits

To keep up with the demands of modern living, we think it’s wise to add additional outlets and circuits. 

Modernising your electrical system is a big step in safety, preventing overloading and reducing the risk of an electrical fire. 

Switchboard Upgrades

If you’re living in one of our older Kiwi homes, you’ve probably encountered an outdated fuse box that’s seen better days. These old-timers limit your home’s electrical capacity and can be a fire risk.

Upgrading to a modern switchboard is a game-changer. Give your home the power boost to handle all modern appliances. So whether you’re charging your phone or running the heat pump, your home’s electrical system will be up to the task.

Find out more about our switchboard upgrade services.

Installing Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

RCDs or Residual Current Devices are clever little units. They are like your electrical system’s guardians. If they sniff out any imbalance in the current, they cut the power fast. This quick action can be a lifesaver. 

It helps prevent electric shocks that can be fatal and slashes the risk of electrical fires. Having RCDs in place is like having a top-notch safety net.

The Process of Rewiring and Modernizing

Revitalising the electrical system of an older home requires careful planning and execution. At Leck Electrical, we approach this delicate process with precision and respect for the property’s unique character. Here’s a glimpse into our method:

  1. Thorough Inspection: The journey begins with thoroughly examining your existing wiring. We check for any wear and tear or damage and assess your system’s compliance with the latest New Zealand safety codes.
  2. Designing the New System: Next, we craft a tailor-made electrical system. We aim to create a solution that adheres to the highest safety and efficiency standards and harmonises with your heritage home’s unique charm.
  3. Choosing the Right Team: In this crucial phase, we bring in our licensed electricians, each with a profound understanding of the nuances associated with older properties. Their expertise ensures that the entire project is executed flawlessly from the start.
  4. Getting Down to Business: Now, the hands-on work begins. We replace outdated wiring, install additional outlets and circuits, upgrade the switchboard, and incorporate vital safety measures like Residual Current Devices (RCDs).

This process, while intricate, is essential to preserving the integrity and charm of your classic home, ensuring it’s safe, efficient, and ready for modern living. 

Explore our expert renovation services for a deeper dive into our comprehensive approach to electrical renovations. Your heritage home’s electrical system is in capable hands with Leck Electrical.

Choosing the Right Electrician

Engaging an electrician who knows their stuff is vital when tackling the electrical quirks of an older Auckland home. That’s where Leck Electrical comes into the picture. We are a true-blue Kiwi family business, on the scene since 2007, and tick all the right boxes:

  • Fully Licensed and Certified: We’ve done the hard yards regarding training and practical work. We are experts in our field. 
  • Old Homes? No Worries: Leck Electrical is seasoned in dealing with older properties. We’ve seen everything regarding these outdated wiring systems and these old beauties’ quirks.
  • Up to Code: We get the job done and do it right. 
  • Covered for Peace of Mind:  We have solid insurance coverage, so you, the homeowner, are protected. 
  • Rave Reviews and Solid References: Leck Electrical can supply references from clients who have entrusted us with their precious character homes. 

Power Up Your Heritage Home with Leck Electrical

Ensuring the electrical integrity of your classic Auckland home is not just about maintaining its safety; it’s about preserving its soul while adapting to the modern era. Are you looking to retain the charm of your home while updating its electrical system to meet 21st-century standards?

Leck Electrical stands ready as your dedicated partner in this endeavour. Renowned for our proficiency in rejuvenating the electrical heart of Auckland’s vintage homes, we blend tradition with technology seamlessly.

Ready to power up your heritage home with Leck Electrical? Contact us today to embark on a journey where history meets modern efficiency. We’re more than just a call away – we’re your collaborators in keeping the legacy of your home alive and well.

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