Master Electricians for your Switchboard Upgrade

Is it time to upgrade your switchboard?

It may be the least exciting feature in your house, at least when it’s working properly. But if your switchboard is overloaded or past its use-by date, you could be in for all the wrong kinds of excitement.

Leck Electrical are your trusted and Registered Master Electrician with a $20,000 workmanship guarantee, let Leck be your go-to when it comes to anything switchboards.

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Your switchboard is your protector

Older switchboards (also known as fuse box, power board or meter box) are often neglected, leading to outdated protection. The addition of new circuits over time can also cause overloading.

A new or upgraded switchboard, with overload and residual current protection, will protect your electrical wiring and appliances against overheating and expensive damage. More importantly, it will also protect you and your family against electric shock and fire risk.

When we install a new switchboard for you, it will be fully compliant with AS/NZS 3000, and we’ll take care of any ‘extras’ such as organising inspections and removing asbestos. We’ll also make sure the main earthing system is safe, and if it’s not, we’ll upgrade it at the same time.


How to know if your switchboard needs an upgrade

If your switchboard has rewireable fuses instead of circuit breakers, it should be upgraded as soon as possible, as the copper fuse wires can be a significant safety hazard, especially if not rated correctly. Likewise, if you’re receiving shocks or hearing buzzing or sizzling noises from switches or appliances, get an electrician to check it ASAP.

In other cases, your switchboard – also known as the fuse box, power board or meter box – may give you some clues that an upgrade is due. These include:

  • Black sheathed wiring, or cable encased in steel conduit (modern wiring is usually white)
  • Fuses keep blowing or appliances are constantly tripping
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparks when plugging in
  • Power outlets are discoloured or get hot

If you’re renovating, consider upgrading your switchboard at the same time, especially if you’re adding extra rooms, power outlets or lights.

Safer, simpler, and more convenient

Your new recessed switchboard will look sleeker and cleaner and make your life easier. No more blown fuses or constantly tripping circuits. And you’ll rest easy knowing your electrical installations are safe, and safe to use. That’s because modern switchboards contain the following safety devices:

Circuit breakers

These clever electric safety devices detect and stop excess current in its tracks. They’re designed to trip a circuit to protect against overcurrent or short circuit (e.g., a wiring issue in an appliance).

Residual Current Device

This life-saving device will trip an electrical circuit where there is earth leakage (e.g., if you cut through a power cable and accidentally touch the exposed wires). It offers a level of personal protection that circuit breakers can’t provide, and it also protects your electrical equipment.

Arc fault detection device

An Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) provides an extra layer of protection by monitoring electrical arcs. If it detects abnormal or dangerous arcs (e.g., caused by loose connections, crushed cables or worn insulation), it will cut the electricity supply to stop the fault getting hot enough to cause a fire.


This all-in-one circuit breaker, RCD and AFDD is especially useful where it might be difficult to rewire parts of a property, or where there’s a higher risk of fire, such as an older building or storage shed for timber or other flammable materials. It costs more to install AFDD-RCBOs, but they give the most protection.

Main Earth & Multiple Earthed Neutral system (MEN)

This is the most important safety feature of any electrical installation. It usually consists of an earth peg and a green/yellow cable that connects your electrical installation to a mass of earth. This is what enables all the devices described above to isolate any defective electrical equipment and protect you from electric shock.

Electrical inspection

Most new switchboards and some upgrades or replacement of switchboards must have an inspection by a registered electrical inspector. We can organise this for you.

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