Safely Charging Your EV at Home

As fuel prices increase and awareness of our carbon footprints continues to grow here in Aotearoa, so does the number of people investing in electric vehicles (EVs).

However, amidst the excitement of purchasing an EV, it’s crucial to remember how to charge it safely.

Choosing the Right Charging Solution

If you want a safer, smarter and quicker option for charging your EV at home – wall-mounted charging stations are the safest way to charge your EV.

Not all charging stations are created equally. Here are some things to think about and some features to look out for;

  • Get your electrician to look over your installation to make sure you have enough capacity to install a charging station.
  • Think about your daily use of the vehicle, and match the charging station to this. In most cases, you won’t need a 3-phase 22KW charging station; a 7KW single-phase station is more than enough for most applications. If you have 2 EVs, you can alternate charging days.
  • If you already have a high power demand in your house, a charging station that offers a power management device that can manage this demand by ramping up and down at peak and off-peak times will help manage your loading.
  • Look for a charging station that has an app;
    • That you can adjust the charging output. Why charge at 32a when you’re only topping up? Why not charge at 16amp? If you decrease the load, there’s less load on your house.
    • That can schedule the station to operate at off-peak times. Why not set it to charge when it’s cheaper? It can be cheaper to charge your EV in the early hours of the morning.
  • Look for a charging station with built-in DC leakage protection – commonly known as type B RCD protection or a built-in RDC-DD. This will most likely be cheaper overall. If this isn’t built into the station, you will need to install a type B RCD at the switchboard – these can be costly, and you need to have room in the board to install it.
  • Think about where the charging station is located; where do you park? What side is the car outlet on? How long does the lead need to be? Is it a type 1 or 2 outlet? Are you going to get another EV? If so, can the charging station be positioned between the two car parks?
  • Are you doing a renovation? Pre-wire the cabling for it now – this will save time and money when you’re ready for the switch.

We supply and install Wallbox charging stations – they are packed with features.

The Wallbox app offers a simple way to set up charging so that you can get the energy you need at the time you need it at the lowest possible price. They are also compatible with solar installations. Check them out here:

Top Tips For Safe Charing

  •  Avoid Extension Cords: Never connect your EV charging cable to an extension cord or Multi-box.
  •  Use Approved Equipment: Always use the standard manufacturer model or equipment approved for your specific vehicle when opting for a portable charging cord.
  • Future-Proof Your Home: If you’re building or renovating, allow to pre-wire for a wall-mounted charger.  Planning ahead ensures your home is ready for the electric future.
  • Trust the Experts: All electrical work must be completed by a registered electrician, following WorkSafe NZ guidelines.

Our experienced team are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your safety and convenience.

Let’s drive toward a sustainable future, one safe charge at a time.

If you’re considering installing a wall-mounted charging station, want to ensure your home is future-proofed, or need expert advice on any electrical matters, contact us at Leck Electrical. 

Read more on charging electric vehicles here in New Zealand from AA Motoring & Meridian Energy

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