Personalising Lighting Plans for Your Home Renovation

Lighting makes your house feel like a home. More than just flicking a switch, it sets the mood, saves on the power bill, and makes your place as comfy as your favourite jandals. 

We’ve all seen the shift from lighting a room to creating an atmosphere with clever lighting. Let’s dive into how you can improve your home with one of our lighting plans. 

Whether you’re doing up the bach or sprucing up the lounge, we’ll cover how to blend style, function, and the all-important Kiwi vibe in your home renovation. Let’s get into it!

Indoor Lighting Strategies

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of indoor lighting strategies. It’s all about setting the right tone for each room while keeping it practical. It’s also about setting different ‘scenes’ for different parts of the evening, all the way to the bedroom at bedtime.

  • Living Room Lighting: In your lounge, you want a welcoming space. Use lights that reflect off the ceiling to avoid a shadowy look. This ambient lighting approach creates a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Add a dimmer switch for mood adjustments, similar to how PDL Wiser Home Automation systems work.
  • Bedroom Bliss: Create a chill vibe in the bedroom. If you’re a fan of reading in bed, some cleverly placed recessed narrow beam lighting above the headboard can make all the difference. Have your little reading nook without leaving the comfort of your duvet. Plus, it’s easier on the eyes.
  • Kitchen Illumination: The kitchen is where the magic happens. Think about lighting above the island bench – perfect for food prep. Task lighting under the cabinets is a must. Explore our lighting design services for more ideas.
  • Style and Utility: Your lighting should be stylish. Each room has its own needs, so tailor your lighting to suit the mood and function of the space perfectly.


  • Don’t Forget the lamps: Think about the type of lamps you use. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Plus, they come in different colours and temperatures, so you can match them to the vibe you’re going for, whether it’s a warm, cosy glow or a bright, energising light. The warmer, the better, especially in the evening. 


Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Lighting

With these tips, your outdoor area will be safer and more welcoming. Consider outdoor lighting options like:

  • Safe Steps: Lighting up the stairs leading up to your deck is a smart move. It’s practical for avoiding a stumble and adds a bit of vitality and glamour to your outdoor area.
  • Security with Style: Adding lights to your house’s walkways or entries makes it look good. It increases the sense of security. You’ll sleep more soundly at night, knowing your place is well-lit.
  • Mix and Match Lights: Regarding outdoor lighting, variety is the spice of life. Deck lights under the railings and stair risers can add a subtle, classy touch. In-ground lights shining up on your trees or garden features? 

Exploring Lighting Control Options

Whether after ambience or looking to beef up your security, these lighting controls have got you covered. Plus, they’ll help you save a few dollars on the power bill, and who doesn’t love that? 

  • Dimmers: Dimmers adjust your indoor lighting. They’re a breeze – rotary, push button, or app-controlled. 
  • Motion and Occupancy Sensors: These gadgets turn lights on to detect movement and act as security lighting outside. They shine a light on anything sneaking around, then switch off when quiet. It saves energy and gives you peace of mind.
  • Photosensors: Photosensors are the go-to for outdoor lighting. These sensors are top-notch for keeping the lights off during the day. They’re more suited for outside since indoor lighting needs are more about what you’re up to rather than how sunny it is.
  • Timers: These are the alarms for your lights. Pairing them up with a photosensor is best. The sensor can flick the lights on when it gets dark, and the timer can send them to bed at a set time.
  • PDL Wiser; With a PDL Wiser Smart Home solution, your smartphone can become your dashboard for customising and controlling your home. You can do everything from operating the outdoor lighting via wireless sensors or timers to changing it with the Wiser by SE app, controlling voice from your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or simply using your existing light switches.

Budgeting for Your Lighting Plan

Before you start dreaming about those fancy new benchtops or that plush carpet, allocate a decent slice of your budget for lighting. 

Here’s a hot tip – don’t let lighting be the last cab off the rank in your home renovation plans. Set aside a fair bit of your budget for lighting – after all, even the most luxurious lounge suite looks sad without the proper lighting to show it off. Your lighting design is as important as your interior design and should be done in conjunction with it. 

Light Up Your Home with Leck Electrical

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Our team are experts in crafting personalised, professional lighting solutions. Whether you’re after that warm, inviting glow or a modern, energy-efficient setup, we’ve got the skills and the know-how to make it happen.

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