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Mount Eden Electrician

As a prominent Mount Eden electrician, Leck Electrical delivers top-notch electrical services, customised for residents of this charming Auckland suburb. Using innovative technology and skilled expertise, we craft electrical solutions for your home.

Home Automation: We make smart home technology accessible as certified installers of PDL Wiser systems, enabling control of your home’s lighting and power through a user-friendly app for added convenience.

Security & CCTV: We prioritise your safety with comprehensive security solutions from CCTV to motion sensors, facilitating secure monitoring of your home from anywhere.

Switchboard Upgrades: Our experienced Mount Eden electricians ensure your switchboard complies with AS/NZS 3000, including removal of hazardous materials and upgrading the main earthing system if required.

Audio Visual Setups: We deliver top-class home entertainment with custom audiovisual services, creating a personalised audiovisual experience to suit your preferences.

Networking & WiFi: We’re ahead in the digital age, offering first-rate network installations for a fast, reliable WiFi connection for all your devices.

EV Charging Stations: We support eco-conscious electric vehicle owners with EV charger installations for efficient home charging solutions.

Landscape Lighting: Transform your garden into a mesmerising haven with our landscape lighting service. We accentuate your garden’s unique attributes with energy-saving LED lights, cultivating a captivating outdoor atmosphere.

Choose Leck Electrical as your Mount Eden electrician of choice, providing superior electrical services. Contact us today to enhance your home’s comfort, security, and entertainment capabilities

Why We Like Working In Mount Eden

We’re incredibly proud to serve the historically-rich and culturally-vibrant suburb of Mount Eden. Mount Eden boasts a rich tapestry of history, local culture, and stunning landscapes, making our work here engaging and fulfilling. Here’s why our team enjoys working in this fantastic suburb:

Maungawhau/Mount Eden: As the highest natural point in Auckland, Mount Eden, or Maungawhau, offers a dramatic backdrop for our daily operations. Its panoramic view of the city serves as a constant reminder of the lively community we’re privileged to serve.

Auckland Domain: Our team often enjoys the proximity to Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park, which offers a rich historical and natural landscape.

Historic Architecture: Mount Eden is known for its distinctive historic buildings dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Our team relishes the opportunity to work on these structures, offering a fascinating glimpse into Auckland’s past and adding a layer of intrigue to each job we undertake.

In a nutshell, working in Mount Eden offers our team the unique opportunity to serve a community steeped in history, vibrant with culture, and remarkable in its natural and architectural beauty. It’s a suburb that continues to inspire us in our work and strengthens our commitment as a team of electricians.