Leck Solar has two options for home and business owners to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Our high-quality products are among the best in the market, competitively priced and come with a warranty.

Grid Connected Solar Electric System

This system is connected to your ‘grid’ or ‘utility’. This type of system gives you the ability to generate electricity from the solar panels, and where you generate excess electricity, this electricity can be exported back to the grid.

Stand Alone Solar Electric System

This system is connected to the batteries which store the electricity generated by the solar panels. When you want to use the power, it is drawn from the batteries through an invertor. Stand Alone Systems are installed in remote areas where connection to the grid is unavailable.

We will design and install a stand-alone solar electric system that will give you the power to become completely self-sufficient. We can also design systems that have generators integrated into the system for those times where you need to use additional power.