Solar Power Systems

Leck Electrical operates in conjunction with Leck Solar to design, install and maintain a solar power system that is best suited to your home or business needs.

Our aim is to reduce your power bill to zero, even give you the power to become self-sufficient by using the right solar power system. We install both grid connected and stand-alone solar power systems that help us achieve this aim.

Solar energy is the future of energy. It is a renewable source of energy that can easily be harnessed into your home or business premise to help reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.

Our solar power products and services

Our high quality products are the best on the market and built to withstand any environment. Our expert team provides customised solutions to suit your home or business needs. We take care of the whole process, from engineering and design to installation, connection and maintenance of your solar power system. All our work and products are guaranteed.

We design, install and maintain Grid Connected Solar Electric Systems and Stand-Alone Solar Electric Systems. Click here to read more about these products. Call us today on 0508 GET LECK to find out which solar power system is best for you!

The Benefits of Solar

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